I am endorsed by the leaders of District 5 neighborhood associations who asked me to run for office to bring justice to our community.   Many of these are the top women leaders in the district. These are the most important endorsements because they are residents and leaders of the district not outsiders from Los Angeles and Sacramento like the incumbent Magdalena Carrasco.  Councilmember Carrasco has raised a substantial amount of funds from special interest groups from outside of District 5 particularly Los Angeles and Sacramento.


Hello Danny:
First CONGRATULATIONS for your decision on running for the available seat for Council member on  D-5.
We need a person with strong leadership spirit  willing to change the way politics been done in our communities and
change the ways our people and communities been treated and misrepresented.
You will be the voice we desperate needed on the East Side of San Jose.
We the SNI Mayfair NAC  and  Mayfair NA are behind you with our support. 
Keep up with the honest and good fight .
Guadalupe Gonzalez
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