The top Issues and Priorities in the District are:

  • We support public safety.   Our streets should be safe for our citizens.  We have strong ties with our police and fire safety force.
  • Accountability of our Elected Officials.   There is a lack of accountability of D5 and San Jose elected officials conduct and spending habits.
    1. Where are the funds being diverted from D5, Councilmember Carrasco? 
    2. Are you spending D5 funds as the Vice Mayor?
    3. Why does D5 lack the level of public services other districts receive?
    4. Let’s have open discussion about accountability of funds, representation, etc.   Our D5 and East Valley needs its fair share of the city budget.
    5. We need answers to these and more questions.  We will be accountable to the citizens and residents of D5.
    6. We will publish all communications and budgets.  We are not accountable to special interest groups.  My campaign is self-funded personally by me.
  • Transparency to Avoid Corruption in Public Communications – FREE SPEECH.  The incumbent filters, distorts and blatantly lies to deceive voters using social media and private conversations.
    1. Let’s get the truth out.
    2. Use the #NOFILTER @cm_magdalena #EASTSanMatters tag on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to pose your experiences with Councilmember Carrasco and the City of San Jose.
    3. We need to hear the truth.
    4. We will not get it from the “official” D5 channels.
    5. I have been censored and threatened with police action as a citizen using my FIRST AMENDMENT rights to voice my criticisms of how D5 has been run.
    6. We will continue the #NOFILTER policy when I am elected your representative. Lets have vigorous public debates.
  • Open Government.   The City of San Jose has violated open government laws in the past. We need to have the City accountable to the citizens and residents.
    1.  We will expose and enforce the open government policy on what the city is doing and how it impacts you as a D5 resident even actions outside of the district.
    2. Citizens will always have a full voice in all budget spending and economic development of their neighborhoods.
    3. We need bike paths along the creek and in the streets. We need our fair share of public spending to solve the affordable housing and homeless crisis in D5!